2021 OMDREB Scholarship Award Winners

The Oakville, Milton and District Real Estate Board’s annual Scholarship Awards Ceremony recognizes the talented students and winners of the OMDREB Annual Scholarship. They have demonstrated an incredible drive and passion to excel both inside and outside of the classroom.

For 2021, OMDREB’s Scholarship focus was surrounding how the home, grieving, and the human connection has been impacted during the COVID pandemic. This is in line with OMDREB’s President’s Charity, The Lighthouse Program For Grieving Children. This year’s essay submissions were creative, thought provoking, and well-researched.

In alphabetical order, the winners of the 2021 OMDREB Scholarship Awards are:

Katherine Brewer

Katherine is a dedicated, genuine, upbeat team player who is always helping others. She has wonderful leadership skills, and is always thinking outside the box. She strives to get others to think about issues in a new way, and her enthusiasm motivates others. Katie has been very committed and involved in Girl Guides, and has been one of the leading forces in her Ranger unit. Katie’s overall academic record reflects a similar, outstanding, pattern of success as she was an honour roll student throughout her high school career, earning averages exceeding 90%.

A notable quote from Katherine’s essay was “lives rise from the building blocks of home”.

Sydney Cross

Sydney has an extremely strong work ethic, commitment and sense of responsibility which drives her passion inside and outside the classroom. Her interests are diverse, but the underlying link to all of her activities is her dedication to helping people. Sydney is keenly aware of inequalities, social bias, systemic racism and the continued need for social change. She is proud to be a spokesperson for community development. Sydney has been a part of the Lorne Scots Cadet Corps from the age of 12 and has risen to the rank of Master Warrant Officer, a position which saw her in charge of an entire Platoon. Inside the classroom, Sydney has received the Honour Society designation every year since beginning high school.

A notable quote from Sydney’s essay was “the weeds of the pandemic are flowering into new possibilities”.

Lauren Luyks

Lauren is reliable and consistent in her daily endeavours. She conducts herself with quiet confidence and shows a willingness to seek the resources she needs to augment her training. Her sense of artistry reveals a well thought out dynamic interpretation no matter what she is communicating. Within the dance community, Lauren volunteered as a teaching assistant in a tap/modern combination class for young dancers. She worked closely with the students to inspire a creative and positive learning environment while building a long-lasting bond that made new dancers feel comfortable and excited to attend class each week. Lauren also tutors younger students in Math. She has a way of turning those who are not fond of the subject into someone who feels completely engaged and excited for class!

A notable quote from Lauren’s essay was “during the pandemic we have had to be 6 feet apart, but have never felt closer”.

Thu Mai

(Unfortunately Thu could not make the ceremony, as she was writing an essay – photo coming soon!)

Thu always wears a smile, whether it be while she explains a tough concept, serving as a leader and delegating tasks to club members, or on the badminton court competing at an OFSAA tournament. She attends class each day with motivation and optimism. In conjunction with her strong academic achievements, Thu has always been involved with a myriad of extracurricular activities and always shows respect and compassion towards her peers while maintaining a humble demeanour. In the face of challenges, she strives to see the silver lining in all situations and approaches dilemmas with grace and logic. She welcomes feedback and is always learning and growing as a student and young adult.

A notable quote from Thu’s essay was “a sense of security is what empowers us to do great things”.

The Oakville, Milton and District Real Estate Board would also like to acknowledge Mayor of Oakville, Mr. Rob Burton and Mayor of Milton, Mr. Gordon Krantz who have always taken time out of their schedule to be with us for this ceremony and present the students with their awards.

Thank you to our panel of judges for their time and effort in determining the winners:

    Deirdre Thomas, Executive Director of Lighthouse (President’s Charity for 2021)

  • Scott McCammon, CEO of the Milton Chamber of Commerce
  • Lynn Hoffmann, 2021 OMDREB President
  • Gianna Schiralli, OMDREB Director, Chair of OMDREB Leadership Development Committee
  • Yiin Shayegan, Member of OMDREB Leadership Development Committee
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    To our award winners, we wish you the best of luck in your future academic endeavours.

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