June 2019 Market Report

Oakville, ON, July 8, 2019 – According to figures released July 4 by The Oakville, Milton and District Real Estate Board (OMDREB), the number of all property sales decreased in June compared to the same period in 2018. Monthly property sales dropped slightly by 20, totaling764 compared to 784 in June 2018.

The total number of new property listings also saw a drop by 70 this year: 1,150 new listings in June 2019 compared to 1,220 in 2018.

“As we move into the end of Q2 2019 and beyond, we expect to see a stable market and June was a reflection of this,” says OMDREB President Oliver Matas. “There were only slight changes to most of the market stats compared to last year, but we did see a hefty increase in dollar volume of sales. However, we would like to see more listing inventory in the mix, and look forward to a vibrant Fall market. Oakville and Milton are very safe communities to raise a family and are well located in the GTA.”

The dollar volume of all property sales processed through the OMDREB MLS system saw a drastic increase of over $52 million compared to last year. The figures in June 2019 sat at $553,639,176 as opposed to $500,904,348 in June 2018.

Milton’s average sale price for the month of June was $767,093, an increase of 4.21 percent compared to June 2018 at $736,114. The average sale price in Oakville was $1,152,367, on par from $1,157,371 compared to the same time in 2018.

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