IntraMatrix is here!

When you first log in to Matrix, you’ll notice a new button on the far right of the top bar titled “IntraMatrix”. This is how you can access listing data from the 13 Boards of the Ontario Collective.

There is no username or password required to access IntraMatrix! Users simply log in to, and select IntraMatrix at the top right of their screen – that’s it, you’re in!

As with any new piece of technology, it might take a little bit of getting used to.The first thing to note is that this system will look and feel very different than MATRIX. There are different tabs, statuses, search fields, and layouts.

Here are the TOP 10 things to keep in mind when using IntraMatrix:

    You must click on the IntraMatrix tab to access Ontario Collective (OC) listings.

  1. When conducting searches, there is no Active – CS or Active – NS statuses
  2. There is no Pending status, only “Sold”
  3. Square Footage is currently NOT mandatory on the Collective Matrix
  4. TWP is noted as Township, and any Municipality/District that starts with a “z” is actually only in the system for historic purposes – old listings from a prior MLS system when things were named differently.
  5. You will need to customize your Hot Sheets and/or Market Watch for OC areas you are interested in.
  6. Contacts will need to be re-entered or imported into the OC Matrix
  7. If a new Auto-Email is set up for a client with an existing ORTIS Auto-Email, they will receive two Auto-Emails, and the client will have two portals
  8. You will need to customize your Information tab, Portal Banner, Email Signature and Portal Profile page on the OC Matrix system
  9. To return to the ORTIS Matrix system, click the IntraMatrix tab at the top right.

If you have any questions or need further assistance with IntraMatrix, please reach out to us at 905.844.6491 or