Driving down the road of fate

Being out on the road is a big part of the gig as a REALTOR.

Earlier this year, OMDREB’s president-elect for 2015 happened to be doing nothing out of the ordinary – driving to the next client meeting.

Call it a twist of fate that Jeff Mahannah wasn’t listening to music or on a phone call – he was tuned into CBC Radio and the documentary he heard – Nanny Angels – struck a chord.

The documentary told the story of Audrey Guth, a cancer survivor in the GTA who discovered an opportunity (while waiting for treatment herself) to help mothers who were going down the same tough road. Only the mothers she saw weren’t there waiting for their treatment alone – they had their children with them.

How do they manage, I wondered, how could they possibly manage?

The president of her own nanny agency, Diamond Global Recruitment Group Inc., had an instant light bulb moment – free childcare support for women who are going through breast cancer.

In 2008, the Nanny Angel Network (NAN) was founded with that mission.

For up to five hours per week, Nanny Angels volunteer their time and provide mothers with the security that their children are being well looked after, while they get some much needed rest, go to appointments, or simply have time for themselves.

Three years later, due to tremendous demand NAN broadened its services to include moms with any type of cancer and is determined to expand its reach to provide full cancer relief nanny care services across the rest of the country.

When it came time for the 2015 president to select his charity, Mahannah’s choice was realized: bring the Angels to Halton.

After an initial meeting with a guarantee that all funds raised will stay within the jurisdiction, the choice received unanimous support from the board of directors and a $25,000 pledge was made to the Nanny Angel Network.

Only that wasn’t all – this grassroots start-up would require a home to get started in the community now. With space to accommodate, a surprise gift in-kind was put aside and announced at the Board’s annual general meeting on December 10.

Following a presentation from Audrey that didn’t leave a dry eye in the room, Jeff Mahannah shared the surprise gift.

Members who attended the announcement are already excited to get involved and we hope you will join us throughout 2015 to help support the Nanny Angel Network’s expansion into our community.