Interboard with OMDREB

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Thank you for your interest in Interboarding a listing with The Oakville, Milton and District Real Estate Board (OMDREB). 

Load Your Listing NOW With The OMDREB Personal Interboard Service (PIBS)! 

Thank you for your interest in interboarding a listing with The Oakville, Milton and District Real Estate Board (OMDREB). The OMDREB-exclusive Personal Interboard Service (PIBS) streamlines the entire interboard process. Upon registration, users receive a dedicated set of credentials (username and password). This account has one purpose – it will allow you to list a property directly on the ITSO Matrix MLS® System. With this account, you can load your listings, add your photos (up to 50), upload attachments (10mb max), and edit listing remarks, at any time!

By submitting your listing, it will be activated immediately and gain exposure to more than 21,000 additional REALTORS® across Ontario, and their clients. This service is free of charge!


  • Interboard listings do not appear on, regardless of which Board you choose to interboard with.  
  • Please be advised that interboarded listings do not have access to showing services (ShowingTime, BrokerBay etc.). Please provide clear instructions in the showing remarks advising cooperating agents on how to contact and book showings for your listing, including any contact information for your Brokerage’s showing service(s) or appointment lines. 

Ready to Interboard your listing? Set up your Interboard account four easy steps: 

  1. Click here to start your registration with PIBS
  2. Upon completion, you will be sent an email.
  3. Verify your email address. You will receive your PIBS credentials approximately 30 minutes after verification.
  4. Navigate to and login to update your temporary password. 

You are now ready to load your listings using ITSO Matrix! 

If you require assistance with the PIBS process, please email or call 905-844-6491. 

Next Steps: What to do after your listing has sold.  

Once your listing has been sold, please follow these 3 easy steps to report it to OMDREB. 

  1. Fill out the Interboard Sale Report
  2. Obtain a copy of your listing from your Home Board in Broker-full format showing the sale
  3. Send an email to and attach the filled out Interboard Sale Report and the copy of the listing from your home board as described in step 2 above. 

NOTE: If the transaction is a conditional sale, please reach out to to advise when the property is sold firm. If the conditional date needs to be extended, please send an email to and include a copy of the home board’s listing in Broker-full format showing the new conditional date. 

For a tutorial on how to use the PIBS service, watch the video below: 

Learn how to input a personal inter-board by watching this helpful tutorial presented by Eric Garand, the Trainer – Technoogy & Membership Services here at Oakville, Milton and District Real Estate Board (OMDREB). If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to

Board Load 

Out-of-Board REALTORS® also have the option to request the Board Load service. Please note that Board Loads require OMDREB staff to load your listing manually, and can take up to two business days to process. This process only begins afterall completed and proper documentation has been received by OMDREB MLS staff. For same-day uploads to the ITSO MLS® System, consider using the PIBS service outlined above. This service is free of charge. For information on how to use the Board Load service, please email and request the Board Load information package.